Beauty Benefits of Silk
October 03, 2021

Beauty Benefits of Silk

Silk feels luxurious, soft to touch, and definitely makes a delicate material for accessories like the Stvtus sqair. But have you ever considered silk as a benefit to your health? It has many benefits improving skin, and hair, and could be the secret to a good night’s sleep as well.

The smoothness of silk comes from its natural protein fibers which, in contrast to many other materials, don’t absorb natural oils. This means it will help your skin maintain its moisture, keeping it hydrated and dewy. Some silk has antimicrobial properties that can relieve skin conditions like eczema or acne by not causing irritation and keeping the skin clear. When used as a pillowcase, compared to other materials, silk will be more gentle on the skin, less friction and pulling will create less fine lines while you’re getting some well deserved rest — now that sounds like a real beauty sleep.

For the same properties mentioned above, silk also has some nice benefits to your hair. It will keep it soft and moisturized, without increasing its oiliness. Silk is an anti-static material that will let your hair slide around it smoothly, meaning there will be less damage or breakage. When you wrap your neck or head in a silk scarf, you can also forget about the frizziness and tiny annoying tangles caused by other scarves.

 Silk is also said to help ease hot flashes that could often occur during menopause, and since it’s  gentle and hypoallergenic, 100% silk is a great choice for everyone with sensitive skin or allergies. See, silk is a lot more than your favorite luxurious material.